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Why is karentownsendillustrates the best choice for you?

Characters with charisma. My characters are quirky and fun, expressive and unique, with a retro vintage twist on contemporary. I am a confident fine artist having fun creating little people with big personalities. I am becoming known in Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding areas. My work can help bring your story, vision, dream or book alive

More about karentownsendillustrates:

I am an illustrator artist designer writer working alone although I do have an agent for my artwork and written work. I believe quality well planned artwork will always guide (especially young readers) through imagined adventures. I am just about to register as a small business I hope to finish my book with illustrations and have quite a bit of interest in it already but i would also like to collaborate or freelance for anyone requiring my services.

What can karentownsendillustrates offer you?

I am versatile and instinctual and purposely chose to lean towards retro vintage style as I feel it has a warmth like hot soup on a winters day I have often been told my characters are full of life and in the moment I would like to present my products and services as high quality professional and approachable I would like to offer children's education and Book Illustrations, book-covers, artwork, tutoring, manual instructions for businesses and any creative challenges the arrive in the areas I specialise in.

Who preceded you?

My customers are varied and worldwide although its all new to me. I have had some success recently in selling and am in talks with a man from USA to do 10 pictures for a book that is for The African Education system. I like to think they have got exactly what they hoped for if not a little bit more and walk away happy. My enthusiasm


Marilyn Monroe Watercolour Pencil & Ink on 300 grm Cotman paper

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